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Established in 1981, we are a locally owned and operated cattle ranch in southwest Missouri with three generations living and working together to raise our herd of Black Angus cattle. We grow all of our own hay and utilize rotational grazing to manage our pastures. We also follow beef quality assurance guidelines and select bulls with genetics to help us raise a high marbling, nutritious protein source from our ranch to your table.

We raise high quality Black Angus beef that are grass-fed and grain-finished. We offer a variety of steaks, roasts, delicious flavors of bratwursts, snack sticks, chorizo sausage, brisket, and other specialty cuts, including marrow and knuckle bones. You can purchase from us by the following:

  1. Buy a half or a whole beef and have it cut to your specifications at a local processing facility.
  2. Purchase retail cuts at our facility in Seymour.
  3. Purchase at littlefarmstore.com and have it delivered to your door

CF Cattle Company