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Your food…Our Mission

We founded Air2Ground Farms with one goal in mind: producing high-quality meat for ourselves, family, friends, and community. In the process, we are dedicated to healing our land through regenerative farming practices. This results in not only healthy soil, but healthy animals...which provides you and your family health from within.  As Bryson at Beaver Creek Feed (our local non-GMO feed mill) says, "we are what they eat!"

After 25 years in the US Air Force, we left our busy city life behind. We transitioned the dedication to mission and attention to detail learned while flying F-15Es and set out on a new mission.  Our mission is now health, from the inside out.  We humanely raise small batch, forest grazed, non-GMO pork.  Our pigs spend their life in the forest, rooting, eating nuts and acorns, and generally being pigs.  We feed our pork non-GMO feed only…no bakery scraps here!  

It's not just food, it's a mission!

Air 2 Ground Farm