Winter Squash - Medium - Return seeds for 10% credit

Winter Squash - Medium - Return seeds for 10% credit

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Seminol & Cheese is a variety of winter squash which is being bred by Wren, with Ozark Mountain Jewel Nursery, to be resist the Bane of all Squash Growers - the dreaded Anasa tristis (squash bug). These bugs are known to carry a wilting disease which destroys squash gardens.  Farmers across the region who want to avoid using broad spectrum, pesticides struggle to keep their crop clear of these bugs.  

In addition to tasting great with only a few calories, this cousin of the butternut squash is known to be high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A single cup of squash provides over 200% your daily needs of Vitamin A and 33% of Vitamin C.  It also has lots of potassium and iron. 

Their mildly sweet and nutty taste is perfect in soups, baking and pies. Or air fry it with your other vegetables for a quick snack. 

To learn more about Wren's squash breeding program visit her website: 

To get seed credits, please save and return the seeds and place cleaned seeds in a jar with your insulated carrier to be picked up with your next order.  Plant a few yourself if you like, and return the rest to help local farms continue this breeding program. Learn how to save squash seeds here:

(While your on their website be sure to check them out! Sow True Seeds is a small employee owned co-op in South Carolina dedicated to provide high quality, open pollinated seeds in support of sustainable food production and regionorative agriculture.)