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Sourdough Bread - Classic All Natural

Sourdough Bread - Classic All Natural

1 Loaf

If you would like us to slice your loaf, please tell us in your order comment

Traditional Sourdough 

Our sourdough breads seem to be a must have for many of our customers. We are told that there is nothing like the flavor and texture of our bread, it is just that unique. We use unbleached and unbromated flours in all our sourdough bread and provide a large variety of flavors. 

How we make our sourdough breads: 

We use real sourdough starter that we feed regularly. Once we start the bread making process it takes nearly 48 hours before the loaf is baked. We feed the starter the evening before we mix our dough. The next morning we mix all the dough and let it proof throughout the day, then in the evening we ball and refrigerate it so that it goes through another proof which we call a cold proof. The next day we pull the loaves out of the refrigerator and begin baking them. This a long and tedious job but the double proof is absolutely worth it as it is what gives our breads the moisture, texture, flavor and even more the great health benefits that real sourdough is so well known for.