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Assorted Sourdough Donuts - Dozen

Assorted Sourdough Donuts - Dozen

12 Donuts

Full disclosure - Im generally not a donut person - In my opinion they are generally too sticky sweet and make me feel bad when on the rare occasion I eat one. 

The sourdough donuts from Ozark Donuts are different - they have a perfectly sweet flavor which is balanced by a slight sourdough sour; they are fluffy and firm. When I bought a sample dozen to try, I had to resist eating too many before I could share them with friends.

There are no regrets with these donuts. 

Please message us at (417) 929-1338 to tell us which mix or variety of donuts you would like to receive

Flavors to choose from are: 

-Cake Donuts-
Cinnamon Sugar
Powdered Sugar
Vanila Bean Glazed
Maple Glazed

-Raised Donuts-
Vanilla Bean Glaze
Maple Glaze
Cinnamon Sugar


Sourdough starter, organic flour, raw milk, organic eggs, organic sugar, vanilla bean paste, butter, sea salt Cooked in organic palm oil