Marina's Tomato Sauce

Marina's Tomato Sauce

24 oz Jar
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Do you ever walk in from work and think to yourself "what should I make for dinner?" Marina's Tomato Sauce is an economical and healthy way to feed your family. Make some delicious pasta and top it with Marina's Tomato Sauce.

Marina's Italian Style sauce is simmered to perfection using her proprietary blend of herbs and spices for a unique and authentic taste that can’t be duplicated by big-box retailers. Marina's Italian Style Tomato Sauce is based on her Nana's Tomato sauce so you know that you are getting a wholesome delicious product.

Add to your cart and get ready for a tasty Tomato sauce experience that can accompany every Italian dish.

Good, clean and wholesome food is Marina’s passion, and she has worked for years to perfect her sauce recipes.