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Ancient Grain - Einkorn Flour - 5 lb

Ancient Grain - Einkorn Flour - 5 lb

5 lb package

We are now offering all natural Stone Ground Einkorn for our customers.

Einkorn is the oldest grain in history. All wheat is a descendant of Einkorn. It has more essential nutrients than modern wheat and has not been hybridized like other wheats, therefore it is easier to digest. 

We have been told by numerous people with gluten intolerance that they can eat Einkorn without issues. Our grain has not been sprayed with glyphosate before harvesting like many of the modern wheats. Einkorn flour can be substituted cup for cup with other whole grain flours in most recipes. 

Einkorn makes great cakes, cookies, etc, and we really like the taste of our homemade einkorn bread. Although with its lower gluten content it will not make as fluffy bread as many modern wheats. 

If you would like to make healthier choices in your cooking and baking, try our Einkorn!