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State of the Farm Store - 1-29-23

written by

Ryan Goolsby

posted on

January 29, 2023

As many of you know this was the first week delivering with the new e-commerce platform and, overall, I think it has worked out nicely. There are a few additional steps to account for customers wanting to use PayPal, since currently this platform does not integrate with PayPal. However, the benefits far outweigh the new challenges. Being able to change subscription details is HUGE, and not needing to reconnect with every customer whose delivery fee was mysteriously dropped from their order is MASSIVE. (This is a thing which the last e-commerce platform kept doing). Quite a bit of this week was spent monitoring and tweaking settings, and familiarizing myself with this new online system, however there was still time to reach out to a few farms and producers who are wanting to get plugged into our network. It typically takes a few weeks to actually list products from new farms, and the garden products are not even in the ground yet. Still, here is a sneak peak of a few of the things which will become available soon.  

  1.   Fine Feathered Fannies Farm will be bringing quail, and quail eggs to our market soon - they also have a large garden planned, though it will be a little longer before its ready to go.
  2.   Elder Farm has a whole line of elderberry products which will make their debut soon. They have tinctures, syrups and elder infused honey, juice shots and more. Im excited to get their products listed!
  3.   Sun & Bloom Farm is a regenerative farm which grows a wonderful foods, and also offers numerous educational workshops and hands on events sharing their accumulated experience with their community

Yep, even more good things are coming to the Little Farm Store this year! The hens are laying eggs more regularly with this warmer weather, and the farms are preparing for their planting season. This Monday the first seeds are scheduled to go into the ground at Pleasant Valley Farm. Milk is flowing, and the grass is growing. Life is good on the farms!

Finally, I’dd like to give a big shout out and thank the new folks in our growing community! Thank you Donald, Madison, Sheri, and Loralynn for giving us a try! If you like what you see (and taste) be sure to share your referral code with friends! Both you and your friend will get $5 credit when your referral code is used plus an early adopter status, which will give additional perks in the future. (you can find the link in your account section on the website) 

I hope everyone enjoys their week and has good things planned. Personally, I’m planning to get my greenhouse ready to plant! 

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