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Discovering the Benefits of Shared Meals

People have always gathered to share in the processes of food gathering, preparation, consumption. The research simply provides data to back up what we have always known; sharing a good meal provides a sense of belonging to a community and increases our happiness. In an era over-run with distractions and negative news, it serves us well to take a break. Put the phone down, turn off the television and connect with those around you.

A Case for Local Food

Food is one of the most important purchases we make. Great health starts with healthy food. A shift in perspective about the importance of the food we buy is necessary in our culture.

Springfield's Residential Compost Collection Service

Justine and the other members of the board chose to be a non-profit organization because they wanted the work to be a community effort, a task done because it is the beneficial thing to do, rather than a business where the main goal is to grow a bottom line. They want to elevate the communal processes of a grassroots movement and of changing the paradigms we live by. The world will not change by policy and politics alone; it takes neighbors working together, doing the little things, to make change happen. Each drop in the bucket is one step closer to realizing a dream of ecological stewardship and healthy food systems for people.